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2017 National Tree Week Project

Tree Warden Jenny Fornasier volunteered to oversee our 2017 Wandsworth Tree Warden project to celebrate National Tree Week.  Jenny approached several local schools and two got involved in her eco/tree education project; Earlsfield Primary and Sherringdale.  Trees were provided for planting and to highlight the importance of greening the environment.   Each school had an eco-team or green-team and the children gave presentations on the planting and benefits of trees. It was very cold on the planting days which were scheduled for 1st December (although one school had organised a picnic).  The events were advertised in Brightside and the Enable newsletter

i-Tree survey

Introduced in 2006, i-Tree ( is a state of the art, peer-reviewed software suite from the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, which provides urban forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools. i-Tree is now regarded as the gold standard for tree evaluation.

The results of the I-Tree project were published in the USA in December 2015.  Visit for more information.

London i-Tree project

The London i-Tree project was mainly delivered by volunteers, unlike the American surveys which are 100% delivered by paid workers. Initially the London i-Tree project attracted 60 volunteers. However, using social media this number increased to 300 volunteers in one month. The Forestry Commission and the GLA donated £15k each towards the project. The project was delivered in 2014 using 250 volunteers, with support from professionals, to survey 725 plots. Some of the volunteers were our own Wandsworth Tree Wardens.

The project is almost complete with only a few plots still to be surveyed after which the results will be analysed in the USA and the results will be made publically available.

Fruit trees in schools project

Tree Wardens are encouraged to set up and/or take part in events and projects in their local community which promote the benefit of trees in the urban environment.

Tree Warden Gwen Rosen’s project to campaign for ‘Fruit Trees in Schools’ is a great example of an imaginative community project and her work was commended by the Forestry Commission at the 2013 RE:LEAF Awards.

Gwen was successful in getting local schools Altons, Sherringdale and Greenmead (Putney), Christchurch and Falconbrook (Battersea), Ravenstone (Balham), Graveney, St Boniface and St Anselms (Tooting), all in the borough of Wandsworth, to plant and nurture a variety of fruit trees including peach, cherry, kiwi, apricot, plum and nectarine.

National Tree Week

In celebration of National Tree Week, the Wandsworth Tree Wardens donated an English Oak to be planted on Wandsworth Common.  Cllr Sarah McDermott planted the tree at a small ceremony on the common on 28 October.

Tree planting on behalf of the Putney Society

Councillor Jim Madden led the tree planting ceremony in Wandsworth Park on 13 January, assisted by John Horrocks (Putney Society) and Pat Gross (Friends of Wandsworth Park).  The Putney Society provided a Catalpa (Indian bean tree) to be planted at the eastern end of Wandsworth Park.